8 Ways to Maintain a Relationship To Last Until Marriage

8 Ways to Maintain a Relationship To Last Until Marriage
8 Ways to Maintain a Relationship To Last Until Marriage

8 Ways to Maintain a Relationship To Last Until Marriage - When you have a romantic relationship with a lover, of course you want the relationship to last until the end.

However, maintaining a relationship is not an easy matter. Nevertheless, if your relationship is fractured or even on the verge of breaking up, you should not give up easily.

Please note, there is no perfect way to keep the romance. However, each couple must have their own way of maintaining their relationship.

So what should you do? Here are some ways to maintain a relationship to last until marriage.

1. Open up to each other

The first perhaps most important way of maintaining a relationship is to open up to each other. Do not always be closed to the partner.

An open relationship is one in which each individual can respect each other's togetherness of life with a partner, and form a relationship that is mutually understanding of each other and reciprocal.

Because the key to a lasting relationship is to open up to each other and nothing is covered up. It is better not to like to lie or cover up your past to a partner.

In addition, you must also be open to each other regarding matters related to romantic relationships. If you open up with your partner, then your love affair will be even better and of course it can last until the wedding.

2. Be a good listener

Lasting relationships are usually based on listening to each other. Often, a fractured relationship can occur because one of the partners feels that they are no longer valued and listened to his opinion again.

Therefore, leave a minute to listen to the story. Ask about the day, and don't forget to be interested.

By being a good listener, it will make your partner feel more understood. For example, when the partner is talking, try to really listen to what he is talking about.

Stop first what you are working on like playing a smartphone. Look into his eyes and pay more attention.

3. Mutual understanding

A healthy relationship is a relationship built with mutual trust and understanding. When that mutual understanding is gone, the feelings of love and affection will also fall apart. As a result the relationship will end badly.

According to experts, the most important thing in a relationship is that if one of the parties can compromise easily, the relationship will be able to run smoothly.

But if you really care more about each other's egos, then you and your partner will certainly find it difficult to be able to unite again.

You must be able to understand each other, so that your relationship with your partner can remain back and always be well maintained. How to maintain this relationship is relatively easy for you to apply so that the love affair can remain lasting.

4. Create the romanticism of the relationship with a smile

Basically, there are many simple things that can be done to make a relationship can always remain romantic and memorable every day. Try to give each other a sincere smile to the couple.

Consciously or not, by giving a sincere smile, your partner will later feel comfortable and proud that they already have you. Likewise if you are the one who gets a sincere smile from him. You can be sure that you will be proud of having it.

Although if you look at it quite simply, a smile is one of the things that can dilute all the atmosphere. A smile can also make anyone's feelings more positive, calm and comfortable.

So, don't hesitate to create romance with a smile. It's not difficult, right?

5. Do not lose communication

When you are having a fight with your partner, it will inevitably cause estrangement in communicating. So that this can make you and your partner later not communicate anymore. In the end it can cause a breakup.

Lack of communication can be very bad for the continuity of the relationship. Poor communication can also allow a partner to lose respect as well as feelings of love for you. 

Not only that, but lack of communication will also increase the discomfort between each other. As a result, a romantic relationship that is established will actually feel bland. Even love can quickly fade.
Remember, communication is something that plays a very important role in keeping a relationship durable. Because without communication, a relationship will not be able to run well.

So, when you are having a fight with your partner, try to give in so as not to spread everywhere. It's like, you give in to keeping the relationship from breaking up.

6. Do not be selfish

When the relationship is almost cracked, it will usually quarrel violently. Debates as well as arguments will be conducted from each side, because each is selfish.

Well, if you are indeed still affectionate with your partner, and do not want this relationship to end just like that, then you should think more positively and do not be selfish. Give in for good if it is the best thing for your relationship later.

You may not be able to make up your own mind and then have your partner follow suit. And vice versa, your partner can't do that to you.

For this reason, from the beginning, you should get used to involving each other in every decision making. It is better to discuss it in advance from the beginning than to change the entire decision that has been taken.

7. If you are fighting, apologize first

Being sincere is a way of maintaining relationships that is very difficult for humans to implement in this day and age. All of them want to win on their own in order to be considered more domineering.

If you want to win the heart of your partner who is angry and has already been on the verge of breaking up, then you can say the word sorry first. Let him consider himself right with the quarrel you are going through.

You must sincerely accept defeat in various disputes. However, you managed to win his heart by melting him with the word sorry first.

There is nothing wrong with it if you dare to apologize first to your partner. Precisely it will make the couple also apologize to you. Prove it if you are an adult couple who dare to admit any mistakes and apologize to correct your mistakes.

8. Do not listen to other people's words

There may be some of your friends or family who ask you to break up from him. From now on, don't listen to other people's words. Why? Because their words are not necessarily true.

You better know more deeply the nature or character of your partner. When necessary, ask some difficult questions to assess his attitude. For example, ask his views on polygamy. Or, what does he think when you are married your parents live with you.

Don't be surprised if the answer from him is beyond your expectations. When that happens, try to express what you disagree with. If the answer satisfies you, it could be that he is the man who is suitable to be your husband.


Those are some ways to maintain a romantic relationship that you can do with your partner. In essence, if your relationship is cracking, try to correct back the mistakes you might make.

Don't hesitate to apologize to him first. This will help repair or perpetuate the relationship between the two of you. May it be useful!

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