Viral On TikTok, This House Cleaning Trick Is Actually Ineffective

Viral On TikTok, This House Cleaning Trick Is Actually Ineffective
Viral On TikTok, This House Cleaning Trick Is Actually Ineffective

Parentingfi - TikTok is one of the tools that presents various types of entertainment, including tips about the house. Many interesting tips that you can try at home.

However, not all tips on TikTok are effective for cleaning the house. There are some tips that are precisely a waste of time. Here are some tips that are considered ineffective, reported by The Spruce.

1. Cleaning the mat with baking soda

Baking soda is one of the versatile products that can be used for cooking, baking to cleaning some home appliances. However, not with a mattress mat.

ViscoSoft CEO and Founder Gabriel Dungan said that some mattresses come with a visor called Purotex.

"Purotex is a textile-specific treatment that naturally removes allergens and refreshes your mattress," says Dungan.

So the use of baking soda to clean the mat is not required. It's just a waste of your time.

2. Remove stains on plastic feeding places

You certainly have a plastic eatery that has stubborn stains. These stains are crushed and difficult to remove.

On TikTok, there are several tips for cleaning these stains, one of which is by using hot water, dish soap, and kitchen wipes to remove orange stains on the container.

Founder of Smart Robotic Home Karen Lee tried the method and shook the plastic container for a minute.

However, after trying the hack he noticed no change.

"It only works for if we directly wash the place then after use. But not with a feeding container that has been stained for a long time," he explained.

3. Using air fresheners near radiators

Having a fragrant house is everyone's desire, but keep in mind that health and safety come first. One of these TikTok trends on one seems to be able to harm anyone who tries it.

UrbanMop Founders and Directors Derek Chiu and Leslie Tam said, one of the cleaning trends on TikTok that should be avoided is spraying air fresheners on radiators to clean them.

"This trend has become popular because TikTok users believe that removing dust from the radiator grille with air fresheners is an effective way to clean it while adding a fresh aroma," he said.

However, Chiu and Tam say this method can be dangerous because many air fresheners contain flammable materials. In addition, the air freshener is not formulated to clean any surfaces so this can be harmful.

4. Cleaning the sewer in the sink with ice and hot water

Another trend on TikTok is to clean the drains in the sink by using ice and hot water. It is also considered ineffective. 

"Last year, there were a lot of TikToks that showed brown dirty water from garbage disposal because it used ice water and hot water," said Onedesk CEO Roman Peysakhovich.

While ice cubes can help push dirt into the sewer, turning on hot water when ice cubes in the sewer should be avoided as it makes the dirt rise again. 

"After putting the ice cubes in the sewer, flush the cleaners. Once everything is flowing, you can use water to wash it and the surface of the sink," he explained.

5. Cleaning the toilet by mixing a wide range of products

Another trend on TikTok is cleaning the toilet by mixing a wide variety of cleaners. This is certainly ineffective and dangerous. 

"I remember watching the trend about cleaning toilets with as many cleaning products as possible," said Dallas Maids Manager Alex Varela. 

In his opinion, this is not only a waste but also very dangerous. Bleach and ammonia in cleaning products can release harmful gases that cause difficulty breathing or burn the nose and throat. 

Instead, you can use or choose a single cleanser only, and do not forget to follow the instructions for use.

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