Often Done, These 10 Habits Make the House More Dirty

Often Done, These 10 Habits Make the House More Dirty
Often Done, These 10 Habits Make the House More Dirty

Cleaning the house is a routine that is carried out every day. However, there are some jobs that actually make the house more dirty.

Some of them actually hinder the process of cleaning the house. Instead of being faster and more efficient, the work of cleaning the house actually takes longer.

Here are some habits of cleaning the house that make the house more dirty and hinder the cleaning process.

1. Too many cleaning products

Using too much cleaner can cause more 'damage' to items. If it is not rinsed thoroughly, the residue becomes dirt and causes disease. 

That is why you should read instructions such as the use of the recommended amount or dose instead of wasting time and money on extra products.

2. Dirty equipment

Sometimes without you knowing it, the tools used to clean the house are actually very dirty and full of bacteria. 

For example, you mop the house using a dirty cloth then bacteria or dirt will spread throughout the floor. 

It could also be a washing machine that is dirty due to a pile of residue from detergent, so it's no wonder that your clothes will become smelly. 

If your vacuum bag is full of dust, in addition to not working properly, a dirty cloth or sponge only makes more bacteria.

Take the time to thoroughly clean the appliance after use by washing with hot water and adding disinfectants. Periodically, replace it also with a new tool.

3. One tissue for the entire bathroom

If you clean the house using disposable disinfectant wipes, then you should use several wipes for one area.

For example, you clean the bathroom sink using disinfectant wipes, try to use several wipes for one sink, not just one.

Use different wipes for different areas, do not mix because it will only accumulate bacteria.

4. Dirty dishes in the sink

Do not pile up dishwashing at home. It just makes your job heavier and the bacteria easily multiply.

Make it a habit for each family member to wash the dishes directly after eating. If you have a household assistant, ask to clean the dishes immediately after washing them.

5. Using a cleaner that is too hard

Just like using too much cleaner, using a cleaner that is too hard is also not good because it can damage items or furniture.

We recommend using a safe cleanser, even if the results aren't as good as those that are harder, but safe for your furniture and your family.

6. Using a feather duster

Cleaning the house with a feather duster turned out to be ineffective. The dust that has been cleaned does not disappear, but will move to another surface. 

Microfiber cloths are the best choice for cleaning or wiping the house because the material can attract and resist particles. 

7. Forgetting to clean the vacuum cleaner

Not cleaning a vacuum cleaner is tantamount to throwing dust back on the floor of the house. If the vacuum at home has a tube, it is best to replace it after one-third of the tube is full or empty the tube every time it is used.

8. Cleaning windows when it's bright

Cleaning windows in the hot sun might make windows dry faster, but the heat from the sun causes the cleaning fluid to dry out before you wipe it.

This will leave scratches so you have to clean up the stain or scratch. It is best to clean the glass in cloudy or evening weather.

9. Not cleaning the mop

Not cleaning the mop tool after use is another mistake. The mop that is dirty after use stores germs and bacteria, if it is not cleaned immediately, it will stick.

10. Wiping furniture with cleaning fluid

When you spray furniture cleaning liquid directly, it will make dust accumulate again, even increase. Preferably, you spray the cleaner on the fabric first, then rub it on the furniture.

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