Note! These 6 Items Should Be Thrown Out of the House

Note! These 6 Items Should Be Thrown Out of the House
Note! These 6 Items Should Be Thrown Out of the House

Parentingfi - Many people cleaned the house to welcome the new year. In Japan, the activity of cleaning the house at the end of the year is called Oosouji.

Oosouji is a cleaning ritual in Japan that aims to get rid of the bad luck of the previous year. No need to follow the ritual, but there is nothing wrong if you clean the house.

Welcoming the new year, it's a good idea to clean the house by throwing away unnecessary items. A clean and tidy house makes the mood better. 

Here are six items you should throw away from home to welcome the new year.

1. Dead plants

Houseplants have become popular in recent years. Hia plants are also one of the decorations that must be in the house.

However, keeping plants that have already withered and almost died you should avoid. Some plant lovers many keep dead plants and hope to return or grow back.

You can remove it, and make it a good compost for your other crops. You can try other types of plants that are easier to care for.

2. Shopping bag

Reusable shopping bags are indeed very good and are even recommended as a substitute for crackle bags. But without realizing it you collected too much of it.

This makes grocery bags piled up at home. No need to waste it, you can give it to friends, or neighbors, or keep it in the office if needed at any time.

3. Towels, blankets, and pillows

Unused towels, blankets, and pillows are definitely piled up in your closet. It is worth giving or giving it to places in need.

4. Children's toys

If you disassemble a child's toy, you will find a toy that has not been used for a long time or a broken toy. Instill in the child that the toys that are not played back will be thrown away.

You can arrange it by throwing away irreparable toys, and giving still good toys to children who need them more.

5. Magazines and newspapers

The magazines and newspapers you buy are impossible to read over and over again. Stacking magazines and newspapers only make the house look cramped and adds to the dust.

We recommend that you clip some parts that you think are important, for example, cake recipes or dishes. 

6. Kitchen utensils 

You may have more than one pot and frying pan in the kitchen, but are they all used? Stacking utensils makes the kitchen look cramped.

Use equipment that can double function. For example, one utensil can be used for sautéing, frying as well as boiling. 

You should only store utensils that you use frequently in the kitchen, and the rest you can put in the storage area. You can also give it to family or friends.

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