Getting to Know Decluttering, Tidying Up the House Without Being Complicated

Getting to Know Decluttering, Tidying Up the House Without Being Complicated
Getting to Know Decluttering, Tidying Up the House Without Being Complicated

Parentingfi - Spending time tidying things up at home can be a fun activity. You can pry things at home by decluttering.

Decluttering is sorting the items you have so that you can set aside objects that are not used to help the state of the house become neater and more comfortable.

Here are some practical tips to help start decluttering activities quoted from the Ikea press release, Tuesday, January 18, 2022.

1. Start from one area first

The challenge that is often encountered when you want to do decluttering is being confused about where to start. Even this situation often interferes with the mental health of the inhabitants of the house.

To focus more when decluttering, you can start from the areas of the house that need changes the most, such as the living room, workspace, bedroom, or kitchen.

 You can use versatile storage racks like Ekenabben which are functional and versatile and suitable for any room. Do it one by one and slowly.

2. Use the four-box method

To do this method, you must prepare four empty boxes to help you sort the items that will be stored, thrown away, donated, or repaired.

You can use the Tjena, a storage box with a cardboard lid and a comfortable grip to move anywhere. This box will make it easier when sort things.

3. Put one special box to store certain items

After performing the four-box method, take one special box and name the box "maybe box". You can fill this box with items that are considered at any time to be necessary or feel a pity to throw away.

 To do this activity, you can use colorful and cutely patterned boxes such as Upprymd and Drona from Ikea to distinguish items according to their category.

Put it where it can be reached, and if in three months you do not use the goods from the box, then it is a sign to say goodbye to them.

4. Arrange the cabinets by using the organizer

Clothes, cooking utensils, accessories, and shoes are the types of items that tend to be bought a lot and unknowingly accumulate in different corners of the house. Once you've already selected the necessary items, it's time to organize them.

 Cabinets will be very useful for storing things to make them look neat. In addition, small boxes or separator bulkheads such as Skubb, Stuk, and Rasla can help you to put small items in the closet. Always remember to return the goods in their original place to keep the cabinets neat and organized.

5. Make decluttering a routine

To prevent the buildup of goods from happening again, it's a good idea to declutter consistently every three or six months.

By implementing the tips that have been shared, now tidying up the house will be fast and not tiring.

In addition, the decluttering routine will help you to quickly search for goods, as well as create a safe, comfortable and hygienic home atmosphere.

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