6 Ways to Clean White Walls Easily

6 Ways to Clean White Walls Easily
6 Ways to Clean White Walls Easily

White walls can make the room feel bigger, cleaner and also neater. However, white walls are easily dirty when they collide with objects, splash with furniture or are exposed to dirty hands.

Keeping the walls always clean is difficult. Luckily there are many ways to make your walls look clean. Here's a simple method you can do to keep the white walls clean quoted The Spruce. How often to clean your walls? Usually the walls will be cleaned or repainted when there are important events in the house such as moving, welcoming guests, to holding events. Usually the walls will get dirty, or change color when the weather is hotter and dusty.

To clean the walls at certain spots, especially in the room where there are children and pets adjust to the schedule of activities for you and your family so as not to disturb. 

Necessary tools and materials

  1. Sponge
  2. Microfiber fabric
  3. roll tissue towel (thick)
  4. Versatile cleaners
  5. Dish soap
  6. Baking soda
  7. Scrubbing brush
  8. First steps

Before cleaning the walls, see if there are any dust-filled areas such as ceilings or scratches on the walls. The type of stains attached to the walls determines the use of the cleaning agent used. 

For stains that easily disappear, you can deal with them with a sponge and a microfiber cloth. If the stain is stubborn, it is best to use a special scrubbing brush.

Second steps

To clean the ceiling area, you can use a ladder and a wet microfiber cloth. Be sure to replace the microfiber cloth that has been used if it is dirty. 

 If you want to clean in detail, you can use tools or sticks that can be adjusted in short length to reach to high corners.

Third steps

You can use an all-purpose cleaner with a microfiber cloth, rag or towel wipe. Try to choose an all-purpose cleanser with the same texture as dish soap.

If your food and drinks hit the wall, you can clean with a versatile cleaning agent that can be used to clean stains.

Fourth step

Use dish soap and also a soft sponge to clean the white walls. Dish soap is an effective cleaner to clean surfaces around the house, from tables to carpets. 

Try choosing a dish soap with lighter ingredients and not having many fragrances and chemicals. For non-stubborn stains, use a damp sponge and dish soap can remove the stain. 

You can gently rub the stain, then let it stand for a while and wipe it with a clean microfiber cloth. You can repeat this up to two or three times to get optimal results.

Fifth step

You can use baking soda to clean stubborn stains. Take the baking soda into a bowl and then add it with water so that the texture turns into a paste. 

 You have to make sure the texture becomes a little sticky. Apply soda paste to the surface of the walls with a damp sponge. Let stand for a while, after the stain is wet enough, wipe it with a damp microfiber cloth or tissue.

Sixth step

Use a rubbing brush if the stain is stubborn and does not want to disappear. When the above means fail, you can use a rubbing brush to clean the stain. 

 You can take a rubbing brush and moisten it, then gently wipe it into the surface of the stained walls until clean. This process takes a little longer to clean up.

However, you need to be careful on walls that are painted with gloss and semi-gloss because a hard rubbing brush can leave stains when rubbing.

Clean stains regularly so that they do not seep into the walls. Take care to avoid dirt when cleaning the dust on the ceiling, especially when wearing a fan.

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