6 Tips to Create An Interesting Family Vlog

6 Tips to Create An Interesting Family Vlog
6 Tips to Create An Interesting Family Vlog

Parentingfi - In recent years, a new phenomenon has emerged, namely video blogs, or what is commonly called vlogs.

It is a form of blog activity through the medium of video, which is complemented by visualizations of interesting objects, text, images or photos, and audio.

You used to write the activities of the days in the book diary, after that moved to the blog and shared on social media. no, now is the time of sharing in audiovisual format.

This phenomenon is widely carried out throughout the world and is increasingly mushrooming in Indonesian society. Not only young people are addicted to vlogging, but parents have also begun to join in becoming vloggers, to capture moments with family.

Vlogger itself is the name of the person who makes vlogs. Being a vlogger is indeed very interesting. Besides being able to share stories about your activities, you can also be known by many people, and can even reap profits.

Nowadays there are various kinds of vloggers by sharing various kinds of content, ranging from beauty, comedy, games, daily life, fashion, family, traveling, music, and so on.

In Indonesia, currently, there are family vloggers or YouTubers.

Well, if you are interested in becoming a family vlogger, below are 6 tips for creating interesting and exciting vlogs:

1. Concept

Make sure you choose interesting and exciting vlog content, so that the audience feels entertained or benefited. Well, in family life surely you find a lot of interesting things.

Make it an exciting story. For example, your daily activities, ranging from preparing breakfast for your little one and husband, dramas of teaching children school lessons or dropping children off to school, or parenting tips.

Tuck in fun simple comedic and animated elements, to make the content more fun and less boring.

2. Be consistent

One way to maintain audience loyalty on your YouTube channel, for example, is to upload your vlogs consistently. This will make viewers visit your channel regularly, and will even cross your YouTube channel to see something new.

3. Social Media and Supporters

Use help from your other social media networks to popularize your channel.

For example, to share one of your videos on a YouTube channel, share the link with the help of Facebook, Twitter, or a teaser trailer on your Instagram, so that your followers on that social media know you have a YouTube channel.

4. Have an Identity

Don't imitate other people's vlog styles. You can elevate video content based on your experiences and that of your own family. As much as possible, don't fake something, so that the vlog feels more original. It is also important to build family bonding.

5. Format

Don't change the format of the vlog content too often. You will be left behind by the audience. Better, make it simple and stay consistent. If it is a vlog about family, just go ahead, don't tuck it into politics or other social problems.

6. Easy to Find

Well, if your video is already good and quality, but it's not easy for others to find, yes, it won't help you capture an audience.

For that, use means, such as Google Trends, to search for titles that are easy for others to find, or Twitter Trends. That way, it's easy for others to find out your vlogs.

Apart from the 6 tips above, there are several things that you need to pay attention to when you want to become a family vlogger, namely:

1. Don't mention the identity details or location of the child's home, work, school in your vlog content.

2. Pay attention to the mood and condition of the child, if you are friendly, it can be recorded, but if it is not good, postpone it first.

3. Prepare the family mentality, because being a family vlogger means that you expose almost the entirety of the activities and identities of family members. Make sure family members stay safe, yes.

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