Vinegar Can Eliminate Mold at Home, Here's How

Vinegar Can Eliminate Mold at Home, Here's How
Vinegar Can Eliminate Mold at Home, Here's How

Vinegar Can Eliminate Mold at Home, Here's How - Mushrooms are easy to grow and develop at home, especially in areas such as bathrooms and laundry rooms with high humidity. The type of fungus and the degree of its spread affect the way it is cleaned.

 If the growth of the fungus is very massive, it is best to hire a professional mushroom removal company for. However, if the growing mushrooms are still few and easily removed, you can use vinegar.

There are several types of vinegar that you can use, but distilled vinegar or white vinegar is safest for the environment and humans. To clean the fungus, you should use vinegar with an acetic acid content of 4 to 4.2 percent or higher.

 Distilled vinegar commonly used in cooking contains about five percent acetic acid and 95 percent water. Special cleaning vinegar contains about six percent acetic acid. 

 If you find mushrooms in the inner house, clean them immediately before spreading. Any areas with high humidity should be cleaned and inspected at least weekly for signs of mold. 

 Keeping the surface clean helps eliminate the food the fungus needs to thrive. Here is the use of vinegar to get rid of mold at home.

1. Use protective equipment

Since many fungi can cause allergic reactions, it is best to use eye protection equipment, masks and rubber gloves. We recommend washing clothes immediately after use to clean the fungus. 

2. Check ventilation

Open the doors and windows and turn on the drain fan in the bathroom or kitchen to help with better ventilation before you start cleaning.

3. Apply vinegar

Pour pure vinegar into a spray bottle and label it. Spray moldy surfaces. Leave the vinegar for at least an hour before proceeding to the next step.

4. Rinse 

Dip the sponge in clean water and wipe the surface. Rinse the sponge as often as possible. For vertical surfaces, start from the top and go down to the bottom.

5. Check for color changes

In case of discoloration, you need to use an oxygen-based solution of bleach to remove stains. Bleach will not kill fungal spores but is very effective for removing stains.

6. Dry 

Allow the newly cleaned surface to dry. Vinegar is also useful for cleaning mold and moss on clothes. If the item can be washed, use the hottest water and add one cup of vinegar to the washing machine. If the stain remains, make a solution of bleach and water and leave the clothes to soak for at least eight hours.

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