Quick and Easy Way to Clean the Kitchen

Quick and Easy Way to Clean the Kitchen
Quick and Easy Way to Clean the Kitchen

Quick and Easy Way to Clean the Kitchen - In the midst of your busy life, cleaning the house is sometimes very tiring. Especially when cleaning the kitchen after cooking. 

 However, delaying it actually makes the job more difficult.  For this reason, maintaining the cleanliness of the kitchen is very important and must be done every day.

 Even if you are tired, clean up the kitchen immediately. No need to worry, you can clean the kitchen quickly and easily, as reported by The Spruce.

1. Wash dishes and cookware

Wash all used cutlery, such as dishes, spoons, glasses first. Cutlery usually has few stains compared to cookware.

 After that, wash all cooking utensils, such as pans, pots, spatulas thoroughly. If there are equipment that is earthy, you can use warm water on soap.

 If cookware leaves difficult stains such as crusts, you can use baking soda.

2. Clean the sink with hot soapy water

After washing all the utensils, do not forget to clean the sink. You can use soap mixed with hot water.

 Don't forget to rub the edges of the sink so that there are no stains left from the laundry marks of your appliances. It is important to keep it clean, so that bacteria and germs do not spread to other parts of the kitchen.

3. Wipe the table and stove

Clean the stove from the remnants of used cooked food. Usually the stove is exposed to splashes of oil to cooking. Use a stove cleaner or you can use soap, but you have to rinse.

 After that, wipe the table in the kitchen with a special cleaner, or plain water. Do not forget to dry with a rag.

4. Clean up trash

When cooking especially in large quantities, surely the trash cans in your kitchen accumulate. Do not forget to throw it away, accumulating garbage can invite bacteria and germs.

5. Broom and mop

The final process is to sweep the floor and mop it up. This is very important because after cooking there must be a lot of garbage and stains on the floor of your kitchen. don't forget to mop up to make the floor cleaner.

Kitchen cleaning tips

If you have a large number of family members and a spacious kitchen, of course the work is getting harder. However, this is actually an advantage. Invite your family members to take responsibility for cleaning the kitchen.

Cleaning the kitchen after eating is a family affair. Divide the tasks between family members so that cleaning the kitchen can be done in a short time.

Make it a habit for family members to wash their own dishes after eating. This simple action can make work in the kitchen easier.

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