Child Tantrums in Public Places? Here's How to Fix It

Child Tantrums in Public Places? Here's How to Fix It
Child Tantrums in Public Places? Here's How to Fix It

The Little One suddenly cried hysterically and raging in a public place making Mam emotional and confused? Try to hold back the emotions first, Mam. A tantrum is a normal phase of growing up. By recognizing the cause of the child's tantrum, Mam can handle it appropriately. Find out the answer below and also know how to deal with a child tantrum or rampage in a public place: 

Why Can Tantrums Happen?

A tantrum is an expression of the frustration of a child with his limitations or anger at not being able to get his wish. Maybe the Little One has a hard time figuring things out or getting things done.

Or, when he can't express what he feels through words, he will feel frustrated so that his emotions explode and a tantrum occurs. This condition usually occurs when the child is tired, hungry or feels sick.

Can the child deliberately tantrum? The condition of the tantrum was never planned by the Little One. For most children, especially toddlers, tantrums are a way of expressing frustration. Meanwhile, in children over 5 years of age, tantrums are a condition that is studied. If it lets the child get out of trouble by going berserk, it is likely to continue until he grows up.

How to Overcome a Child's Tantrum 

The annoyance at the sight of a child raging because of a tantrum, this is natural, Mam. Usually the best way to deal with it is for Mam to remain calm and not provoked by emotions. If Mam responds with emotion, for example by also shouting, this will actually make things worse. Worse, the Little One can imitate Mam's behavior.

The best way to handle it, when the Little One tantrum calms down his rampage by hugging, accompanying him. Take the Little One quietly to a safe place and invite him to talk in a low and soft voice. Then, slowly distract the child. For example, giving her a favorite book, inviting her to move to another place or entertaining her by telling a story or asking her to joke.

When the Little One calms down, make rules that can be mutually agreed upon. For example, not always buying toys or eating ice cream every time you go to the mall. This could be one way to prevent a child from tantrums later in life. Also check out other tips to prevent children from going on a rampage, especially in the following public places:

  • Prepare before traveling

When you want to invite your little one to do activities outside the home, make sure the child's rest and sleep schedule is fulfilled. When the Little One is tired, he will get angry quickly and easily tantrum. Also make sure the stomach is filled and the Little One feels full. When there are activities waiting, bring his favorite snacks and toys so that he doesn't get bored while waiting.

  • Pay positive attention

Pay extra attention when the child behaves well. Give a hug or compliment that Mam feels proud of her.

  • Avoid tantrum trigger situations

If your little one often goes berserk in a toy store or in a snack area, you should avoid the place, unless mam intends to buy toys or food for him. That way, the Little One will not be triggered to go berserk in public places.

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