10 Dirtiest Things in the Bedroom, What Are They?

10 Dirtiest Things in the Bedroom, What Are They?
 10 Dirtiest Things in the Bedroom, What Are They?

10 Dirtiest Things in the Bedroom, What Are They? - How often do you clean the bedroom? Once a week? Or even once a month? Be careful, if it is not cleaned regularly, germs may stick to the bedroom.

When cleaning the bedroom, you must thoroughly clean every corner. Do not let anything be left behind so that germs cannot return to the room.

However, there are some objects in the bedroom that sometimes forget to clean. Even though these objects can store a lot of germs, even compared to other objects in the house.

Here are 10 objects in the bedroom that forgot to clean and store germs and bacteria, quoted The Spruce.

1. Pillows

After get off work, you may want to unwind immediately by lying on the mattress. Unfortunately, the pillow you use can accumulate bacteria, fungal spores, and dust mites.

Therefore, the pillow should be changed at least once a year if it cannot be washed. Use an antiallergic cover to protect your pillow, and change pillowcases every few days.

Pillows that have been used for a long time usually have an inconsequential shape and make your sleep less comfortable. It's best to change it immediately.

2. Plants

Ornamental plants become decorations that are on the rise, each house is filled with various kinds of tents, including bedrooms.

 However, plants have the potential to spread bacteria, you know. Some types of plants cannot be watered every day. This makes the roots susceptible to rot and the possibility of growing mold. 

 It's a good idea to know in advance what kind of plants you keep in the room. Choose a plant that fits the size of the room, and the conditions of the room. 

3. Pets

Although they have their own bed, pets tend to climb into your bed. Of course, the feathers attached to the sheets, blankets can leave mold and bacteria.

Give your pet its own bed next to your bed to avoid soiling your sheets and blankets.

4. Vacuum cleaner

There may be some of you who keep a vacuum cleaner or vacuum cleaner in the room aga easier when going to use. However, if your vacuum cleaner is without a HEPA filter it is tantamount to spraying the dirt back into the bedroom air. 

Look for a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter that contains even the smallest particles, if the vacuum cleaner uses a bag, make sure it is also made of HEPA material.

5. Humidifier

Although humidifiers are good for reducing humidification of the air, if you forget to change the water every day or do not clean it regularly, it will cause mold. It is worth changing the humidifier water daily and cleaning it thoroughly at least once a week.

6. Knob 

You touch the doorknob when you enter and exit the room almost every day. Sometimes you forget to wash your hands after a day from the outside so that germs and bacteria may stick to the knob.

 For this reason, it is important to clean well so that germs and bacteria are left behind. Be sure to wipe every knob in the room, including on the bathroom door and closet.

7. Mattress

You spend a third of your life on a mattress where dead skin, body fluids, dust mites, bacteria, dust, and other dirt.

 The mattress should be cleaned regularly just like any other of your bedroom. You can also buy a cover or mattress that is anti-dust mites, liquids, and small particles.

8. Carpet

Carpet is a floor decoration that is usually in the bedroom. Carpets that are often trampled on certainly store dust, dirt, animal fur, and dirt from shoes and feet.

Clean the bedroom carpet at least a few days a week. And change every few months. 

9. Windows 

Each blade on the window is where dust, pollen and feathers gather. Curtains can also store dust so they need to be cleaned regularly. 

10. Switch

Just like the doorknob, you also touch the switch frequently. Clean the light switch by wiping it with disinfectant wet wipes.

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